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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

35 C. and the Hottest Day of the Year (so far)

So yesterday we headed for the Bodensee (a/k/a Lake Constance). We purchased day passes at the Bahnhof and took a Postbus to Rorschach, had a light lunch (I had crisply fried fish - Sonderfilet) with local beer by the lake then hopped on the boat for Lindau on the German side of the lake. What a cool and delightful trip! How do you like Brittany's new Fendi Sonnenbrille? The water is an amazing shade of clear green and no wonder there were lots of sailboats out and about. We sipped another beer on board after we convinced the waiter to take Swissfrancs. (We’d remembered to bring passports and a German/English dictionary but every one of us forgot to bring Euros!)

When we arrived we headed for Maximillianstrasse for an atm machine then Italian gelato. Here’s what I had - 2 kugels, one apricot and the other Campari orange. Perfection. It was so hot that it was challenging to eat the gelato fast enough. When John told me my Campari orange was dripping onto my blouse I looked down and my hat brim hit the cone spreading orange gelato on the brim as well. What a klutz!! Good thing raffia straw cloth can be wiped clean with water. We strolled around for a couple of hours getting hot and sunburned. Brittany found the souvenir gifts she’d been hunting and I spotted several hat shops.

We also found the Stadtmuseum and looked in on the small Louis Tiffany exhibit.

When we headed for das Boot at 16:00 it seemed that everyone on the island had decided to do the same. It was crowded but still delightfully cool and breezy on the water.
K Q:-)


At 5:47 PM, Blogger Jill, for all your research and millinery needs said...

Yummy! I can almost taste that cone!
Do people swim in that lake? Do YOU swim in that lake, being so hot and all?


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