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Kate Brown Pernia is a Milliner on sabbatical in Switzerland. She has been designing hats and teaching millinery under her Katrinka label since the 1980s. Kate is also the founder of Houston Hat Net. View Katrinka hats and hat patterns at www.hatsbykatrinka.com.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Now this one stopped me in my tracks! No sooner had the Easter bunnies disappeared from Roggwiller’s windows when this foot long critter appeared. This time I had my camera with me...or you wouldn’t believe it! I had to do some asking around to discover that this is yet another sign of Spring in Switzerland. It’s a chocolate cake in the form of a Maikäfer (cockchafer) and along with the Lily of the Valley (Glöckchen) is a sign of Spring and part of the celebration of May. Sorry, but I lived too long in both Texas and New York to find this one appetizing.


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