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Kate Brown Pernia is a Milliner on sabbatical in Switzerland. She has been designing hats and teaching millinery under her Katrinka label since the 1980s. Kate is also the founder of Houston Hat Net. View Katrinka hats and hat patterns at www.hatsbykatrinka.com.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Mehr Stickerei und Stoff!

Well, I’ve found my new favorite fabric store! Had heard from several people about Bischoff, a major textile manufacturing company in St. Gallen. Their retail shop, however, is only open two half-days a week so I hadn’t gotten over there until this afternoon. What a treat! Bischoff is known for their lace and embroidery work. You can hear the machines working above as you browse the bins of Stoff (fabric) being sold by the piece or by the kilo and the wall of laces. These pretty lace pieces sold for only 4 CHF a piece. A bargain! They have other walls filled with bolts of wonderful fabrics - some as low as 2 CHF per meter. My pal Starr bought 25 meters of a peachy brocade like damask to make next year’s Carnevale costumes with lace to match. This gorgeous grey piece was sold by weight and I have enough to make an interesting skirt or even a pair of my favorite Pucci pants for less than the cost of denim in other fabric stores here. I’ll be back. This is my kind of treasure!
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At 12:26 AM, Blogger hatcollecter said...

So happy you are finding great things with which to create!


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