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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

More fun with Claremarie

Sunday Claremarie motivated us out for Mass in the Kathedrale. We were rewarded with more stunning music. Some of the musicians and singers from Carmina were in the loft with our local choir to perform the Mozart Mass. Rococo music by the ultimate Rococo composer in a Rococo cathedral. Wow! Then we were off to Arbon for Straussensteak and to walk by the Bodensee.

Monday Claremarie and I took the train to Luzern and had lunch at Restaurant Fritschi established in 1602. After lunch we scouted out a second hand clothing boutique where Claremarie found some authentic vintage frock coats for a very reasonable price. After our bargain purchase we wandered up a hill and found the old city wall. The towers were open so we climbed up the cool stone stairwell to the top and walked the length of the wall. Would you believe we met another Houstonian at the bottom of the last tower? Small world. We then took the Funicolare up a mountain to see Chateau Gutsch which we found empty and under renovation. Still it was a great view of Luzern. We tired of waiting for the ride down so braved the steps which turned out to be a cool walk through the woods. Oops! Forgot about German class on Monday nights. We got home too late so had dinner at a sidewalk cafe while the Swiss sweated out their last game of the World Cup inside in the stifling restaurants with big screen tvs.

Tuesday we bombed out at the Tourist Bureau and the St. Gallen Theater. No English walking tours today and we couldn’t find a soul at the theater who was willing to even give us a peek of their costume shop. In fact, I was told they didn’t have a shop (probably a language confusion since I know they build costumes for the theater). Oh well, on the way home I found the canvas chairs I’ve had my eye on for half price so now we have roof seating for the rest of the summer.
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